One essencial accessory for a Table Saw is a Cross Cut Sled. A Cross Cut Sled Is an accessory that allows to make straight cuts and always with the same size, as it supports the piece of wood on both sides of the blade, unlike the accessories that the table saw brings. In addition, it increases the level of safety in the use of the saw, as the hands can be further away from the blade. If we make a search on Youtube we have several tutorials for its construction. But because each table saw model is unique, it is necessary to customize the construction to our model.

Since I had several pieces of wood, mainly 20mm chipboard, that I had bought for use on a shelf, I decided to use it and build the Cross Cut Sled.

cross cut sled
Cross Cut Sled


For the construction of this sled i only use wood leftovers , wood glue and screws.

In addition to the table saw i use an orbital sander and a router. But this aren’t essencial. They were only used for finishing. In addition to these materials, the use of clamps and screwdriver make the process simpler and faster.

In this article it will be launch the first tutorial in video blog.

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