This is the Complete Starter Kit from Elegoo with an Arduino Mega. A few days ago, Elegoo sent me a kit and challenged me to build a Christmas project with him. This kit includes several components. An Arduino Mega, servos, ultrasound sensors, remote, RFID readers, among others. Let’s start the project. So i decide to create a Secure Christmas Tree.

This project consists of a Christmas tree lit by led’s. Only actives when the correct RFID is read. When you activate the LEDs start and the LCD shows how many days are left until Christmas.


The first step is to create the prototype. For this we will use the Arduino, the RFID reader, some led’s, jumper cables, the LCD, a potentiometer and the RTC Clock. In the kit, Elegoo sends a CD containing the description of each component as well as the connection diagrams.


Then it’s time to create the code. For this we turn to the CD again. In addition to the diagrams, code samples for putting the components into operation are also sent on the cd. All the code can be found on my GitHub account.

After finishing the the code we have to upload it to the Arduino. We do this process using the USB cable.

Then we performed our first test. In our project, the RFID bed reads the card. If it is the correct card, the system starts. Otherwise, it remains off.

3D Printing

Then we need the base to house the components. This is done using a 3D printer.


After having the base ready we need to put all the components in place. We started the process with the led’s following the other components. To fix them in place, we use hot glue. This allows us to fix the components in place, but if it is necessary to replace them we can do it easily.

Then we have to connect all the components together. The negative pins of the leds are all connected together. The positive pins are grouped by their color.

The remaining components are interconnected using jumper cables and protoboards. I’m using two small protoboards for space reasons, but the kit includes a full protoboard and a small one.

Final Result

Finally we will see the project in action. I’m powering the Arduino with the transformer included in the kit.

The Arduino is a very versatile platform. It can be powered by USB or through a transformer between 7v and 12v.

This is a fun project to build. It can be bigger or smaller, with more or less leds, or with another type of unlocking system.