Elegoo send me this Super Starter Kit for testing. So, let’s see what’s inside.

Elegoo Super Starter Kit

When opening this compact case we can see lots of stuff. On the cover there’s an index with all the components. Inside we have a thanks card with all the social networks from Elegoo , a cd with the datasheet in pdf, sample code and all the libraries needed.

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Inside the box there is:

  • a branded Elegoo Arduino Uno R3, with all the pins marked on the side
  • a shield for the Uno, with a protoboard that can be assembled
  • a 9v battery
  • aHC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor
  • a motor and a soft fan blade
  • an USB cable
  • some Dupont wires
  • a power supply module for the breadboard
  • some leds including RGB leds
  • a joystick with all the parts a stepper motor
  • a LCD with two lines and sixteen characters per line
  • a remote
  • an 9v adapter for power the Arduino
  • multiple resistors
  • a full size breadboard
  • a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
  • a relay that can be controlled from 5 v and can handle 10A at 30V DC or 250v AC
  • a infrared receiver
  • a 4 digit 7 segments display
  • a 1 digit 7 segments display
  • A 10k potentiometer
  • a ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver
  • A SG90 servo
  • 2 rectifier diodes
  • 1 thermistor
  • 2 photocels
  • 1 passive and 1 active buzzer
  • some buttons
  • 1 74HC595N IC
  • 1 L923D IC
  • 2 PN2222 NPN transistors
  • a tilt ball switch

We can use the power supply to power the breadboard with 3.3v or 5v DC. The stepper motor can be placed directly on the stepper motor driver to be controller.

We have two 7 segment display’s, one with 4 digits and one with 1 digit.The HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor uses an ultrasonic sound to, for example, measure distances.The DHT11 can be used for measure temperature and humidity. Been both infrared we can use the receiver and the remote together. In the shield we have the expansion for the UNO pin and the surface for the components. Also we can place the breadboard on the surface of the shield. We can use the photoresistors to measure the quantity of light.

The Elegoo arduino Uno R3 has a nice finish black mate and can be powered from USB or from the 9v adapter supplied. It has convenient pin labels on the side. This feature is very handy when you have to place a shield on the top.
We also have a 3 to 6 v motor and a soft fan blade to assembler.

We also have some jumper cables, male-male and male-female cables, a SG90 Micro servo, 2 axis joystick with a digital button and a lcd with all the pins needed to connect to the arduino.
On the cd we have all the components datasheets, in multiple languages all the sample code, all the library needed, two pdf telling how to install the arduino drivers on Windows and Linux and a pdf with all the components and multiple lessons.

In this lessons we can test all the components in the package, We have sample code for all of them and also the explanation how the code and the component works.

Following this lessons we can master all the components included on the package. For any problem Elegoo also provide the e-mail for service contacts. One example is the Four Digit Seven Segments Display. We have all the components needed, the components details, the schematic, the wire diagram, and an example. After making the connections and uploading the code we can see this example running. 

On another example we have a stepper motor controlled with the remote. Like the last one we have the components, the schematic, the wire diagram and a picture of it. After connecting all and uploading the code we can see the example running. With volume up and volume down we can control the stepper motor.

Final considerations

This are all the components that come on the Super Starter Kit from Elegoo. It’s a very complete kit. You can find all Elegoo product in this link. The cd content can also be downloaded from here. I’ll leave the link bellow also. Thanks for Elegoo for sending me this kit for review. I hope you had fun with this review and has been motivated to start learning arduino. Now it’s time for start using all the components and play with it.

Elegoo – ​https://www.elegoo.com/

CD Contents – ​https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MnXOTcxQrWGu1RIW0C8gl1izIPZOTuYS/view

Elegoo @ Amazon.es –​ https://www.amazon.es/s?me=AZF7WYXU5ZANW&marketplaceID=A1RKKUPIHCS9HS

Eleggo UNO Super Starter Kit – https://amzn.to/3mwfZ8A

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