Tiago Santos


This is the Complete Starter Kit from Elegoo with an Arduino Mega. A few days ago, Elegoo sent me a kit and challenged me to build a Christmas project with him. This kit includes several components. An Arduino Mega, servos, ultrasound sensors, remote, RFID readers, among others. Let’s start the project. So i decide to create a Secure Christmas Tree.

After preparing a Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant to manage various spaces, I noticed that one of the basic information of each space is temperature and humidity. We can buy one of several sensors available on the market compatible with Home Assistant or build one of ours. So i decided to create my own room monitor for HomeAssistant.

One of the problems of a server room is the temperature. With different equipment producing heat, this rises quickly. And if the air conditioning fails, it quickly stops everything. To predict these situations we can acquire one of several environmental monitoring systems in the market. Being a simple system, I decided to make a custom solution and build a server room monitor system. Thanks in advance for the support of PCBWay that provided all the necessary pcb’s.